We are a group of men who are dedicated to helping address issues related to education, youth empowerment, domestic violence awareness and environmental justice.

Program Sponsors:

The Bridge to Black Live Video Series

Rest in Power

Reginald Lafayette

Political Stratagist / Civic Leader

Pat Davenport

IBM Executive / Community Organizer

Melvin Burrus

Past AAMW President / Attorney

Our Mission

AAMW is committed to developing and encouraging collaborative action to strengthen the economic, social, and educational foundation of our communities.


Values & Goals

Through the bonds of brotherhood and fellowship, the spirit of collective work and responsibility, and a strong commitment to community - we can make a difference in the lives of those we serve.


Plus Active Members


Programs Per Year


Years + 
in Existance


Given in Scholarships

Help Sponsor a Students Education

Join a 15year traditon of valuing our youth's social commitment & academic scholarship. Become a sponsor-partner of the MLK Legacy Awards program.

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Commitment Youth & Building Community

Business Skills Olympics

We support in business education

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Criminal Justice Programs

We promote judical advocacy

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Youth Golf Programs

We advocate expanding opportunity

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Youth Enivornmental Education Program

George and Miguel are Co-Chairmen of the Youth Envirnmental Program. Both men are professionals in the technology and engineering fields. They bring an unique perspective to educating our youth about the importances of earth science, nature and environmental stewardship

Coordinated by AAMW members, 
George Malone &
 Miguel Constable

African American Men of Westchester

333 Mamaroneck Avenue,PMB 293 White Plains, New York 10601


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